Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who Needs Sleep?

Who needs sleep when there's a whole world to explore? My friend B and I flew from Detroit to Latvia with a few layovers, and made it safely to Riga. After fourteen hours of anticipation, we were disappointed by the aiport's surroundings. Never fear; the airport is outside of Riga. Our friend G picked us up, and our adrenaline kept us going. Tea and coffee are staples in this bustling city, and we also stopped at a scrumptious pancake cafe. Walking around Old Riga was like turning back the pages of time. The Swedish Gates, the House of Blackheads, and St. Peters Lutheran Church are just a few of the many sights to see. The Art-Nouveau architecture is breathtaking; every doorknob, every streetlamp was unique. The cobblestone streets require some navigating, but they complete the atmosphere of Old Riga. We went to a Mideval restaurant, Rozengrais, for dinner in Old Riga- a true gem. We were each given a package when we were seated and we promptly opened them. It was bread! We drank kvass for the first time (a drink that is nonalcoholic but tastes like beer) and I had steamed pumpkin. We wrapped up the night by going to a concert at Dirty Deals Cafe, run by G's cousin, K. It's an eclectic bar/venue for theater and music. Check it out:
We wrapped up the night by going to bed; after 40 hours of adventure, we thought we were due for some shut eye...

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