Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I can't believe it's March 6th!

When I travel, I try not to emit the persona of a tourist. I leave my Hawaiian shirt and tennis shoes behind and attempt to blend in with the locals. Well, my attempts don't always succeed. For example, last weekend I went to San Antonio and had a blast. A friend and I decided to visit the Alamo, and were annoyed when we discovered orators giving speech after speech in front of the entrance to the main building. We decided to look at the surrounding museums and gardens to fill our time. It was really interesting, and a lady named Rosemary gave us the low-down on the wiles of women and how the yellow rose of Texas diverted Santa Anna's attention long enough to give Houston the upper hand. After a while however, we were ready to see the actual fort and leave. The speeches were STILL going on. Then, we heard a lady behind us say, "March 6th! How could I forget that it was March 6th?" My friend and I looked at each other, and then searched the large timeline by the museum for some big event that happened on March 6th. I seriously branded myself as a tourist, because when I found March 6th I was totally surprised.
March 6th was the day the Alamo fell.

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