Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amsterdam, my Amsterdam

Amsterdam. B and I had not planned on spending the night in Amsterdam, but a mix up in our flight schedule forced us to stay. Hallelujah. Amsterdam was absolutely amazing, but then again, I didn't need to tell you that. Take, for instance, the bicycle. I adore that fact that so many people ride bicycles in Amsterdam, and that the bike lanes are nearly larger then the automobile lanes.

I feel as though I am starting a love affair with canals and floating flower markets. Amsterdam is teeming with both, which add to its charm and allure.

B and I ate at a wonderful restaurant called Cafe Kale de Grote. Check it out at I recommend eating at an outdoor table; it offers the perfect vantage point for people watching.

Another pleasant surprise was staying at the Qbic hotel. Very minimalistic, this modern hotel was run almost entirely by electronics, and was stationed in the World Trade Center. Though it was south of the city, it was cheap, clean, and very close to the airport. I would definitely recommend staying there, if only to experience the colored lights in your room.

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