Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finding My Inner Sverge

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful and intriguing cities I have ever visited. Its composition is attractive; the city is spread across various islands, connected by bridges. Cross one bridge and you are at the royal palace. Stroll across another bridge and you can view the Vasa, a ship from the 1600's. Narrow alleys, quaint boutiques, high fashion...Stockholm is a mecca for travelers. Culture, adventure, shopping, and scrumptious restaurants are only a few offerings to tempt your wanderlust temperament.

Old Town in Stockholm holds the cobblestone walkways and narrow alleys. G could span one alley with his shoulders! We visited the Palace (wonderfully ornate) and the Vasa Museum. Knight's Island is a great place to snap a pic of the city's skyline. The weather was schizophrenic, which added to the sporadic charm of Sweden.

The details in the city were what really struck me. Every doorknob, every streetlamp, had an unique, artistic twist to it.

The Swedish were very friendly; "hej hej" is the normal greeting used. It always brought a smile to my face. It was wonderful that nearly everyone spoke English; even moreso because they speak with a British accent. I adored staying in the city and discovering the Swedish within me. Once I assimilate into Swedish fashion- black tights, black or brown boots, short skirt, a fitted jacket, and a scarf) - then I will be completely Sverge.

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