Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Casa Samuel

A highlight of my trip to Agua Viva was working with Casa Samuel. These children were too young to go to school, and were ready to burn off some energy! I was blessed to work (play) with the kids for three mornings. Alex, Edras, Lili, and the twins-Sonia and Ruth- were my little firecrackers. We kept them pretty busy with bubbles, play-dough, games, and coloring books. My years working in a daycare have paid off! I tried to have the kids run around outside as much as possible. Kids across the globe have one thing in common: energy! The language barrier was no problem in this arena. I knew basic Spanish words, and the children picked up quite quickly on basic English. Certain songs, like Ring Around the Rosy, were a hit, as well as Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes. Another point of excitement with the kids was making airplanes. My team had brought foam airplanes that were basically comprised of three pieces. You would have thought the kids had died and gone to heaven. By the end of my week at Agua Viva, it was difficult to leave these five at the Home. I'm convinced that I could have fit at least three in my suitcase...

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