Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise when we have waited in the darkness.

The blue-black shadows rest on the landscape before me. The mist covering the valley around Agua Viva conveys an almost eerie, tranquil feeling. Every time I go to Agua Viva, I get up at least once for the sunrise. The aura is inexplicable; the world is held in limbo, walking the line between peaceful sleep and energetic alertness. Agua Viva Children's Home is situated on a mountaintop, set apart from the village closest by-Puerto Rico. This vantage point provides the perfect site for contemplation and reflection before another day working at the Home. Every child at the home has and is experiencing heartache. Broken families, abuse, neglect, and abandonment bombard nearly ever child. My prayer is that God uses me to strengthen these children and be part of their support system. Every day I pray that my example points to the Shepherd, the One who can lead them out of the darkness of night and towards the sunrise.

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