Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gettysburg Take 3

This is the third time I have visited Gettysburg: once when I was 12, again when I was 14, and now again at 24.

I feel as though every time I visit, I capture more of the essence, struggle, and strife of the three days' battle.

The scenery is so peaceful and calm that it is difficult to imagine the malice and collision that took place.

This memorial is built from materials originating from Maine and Alabama. The natural gas flame on top is supposed to symbolize the eternal peace of these grounds.
A plaque near the memorial related the events of a "reunion" of Civil War soldiers in the 1930's. FDR spoke from this memorial to thousands of veterans, most in their 90's and one as old as 110. A picture on the plaque depicted a soldier from the North and a soldier from the South shaking hands. How powerful to see brotherly love transcend decades after such a bitter war!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Rules #4

When you're stuck on the highway, make some friends. Share the info you get and walk around.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Well-Rounded Meal

What fulfilling meal would be complete without a touch of sugary sweetness? That's why a trip to the Original Cupcake Factory in Mackinaw City is a must. The pasties are all well and good, but I had to sample some of these sinful inspirations. I adored the Red Corvette, a petite red velvet cupcake. The sugary sweetness was complemented with the decor; think pink!


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