Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

For my first visit to NYC, I decided to take a tour of Greenwich Village. Three hours of history, culture, and sight-seeing were just what the doctor ordered! Hansel, our guide, was quite knowledgeable about the area. He showed us the Washington Mews, a row of carriage houses that have been turned into apartments and lofts for "trust fund babies," as Hansel puts it. Oh Hansel.

The streets of the Village are so unique. You feel as though you are in a quaint town instead of a metropolitan city.

The details were what made the Village unique. The various colored doors, wrought iron designs, and bohemian heritage are only a few reasons why this area so attractive!

One section of a fenced-in park was covered with tiles supporting our troops. It was so moving to see these sentiments displayed in such a common area.

Washington Square Park. It was so fresh, so relaxed. I know that if I lived near the Village, I would frequent this park often. Maybe it was the man who wheeled a piano to the fountain, or the two boys who jukebox karaoke'd for money; whatever the reason, the Park felt alive!


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